90 Minute Flight Simulator Experience

90 Minute Flight Simulator Experience
90 Minute Flight Simulator Experience
90 Minute Flight Simulator Experience
2 hrs
Horsham, West Sussex
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  • About

    Perfect for true aviation fanatics, this is the chance to pilot a virtual Boeing 737 from the safety of the ground. After an extensive briefing, enter the flight deck and get to grips with high tech software normally only used to train actual pilots. Guided by the support and instruction of a fully trained pilot, this intensive session will leave you familiar with the intricacies of taking off and landing the virtual aircraft. You're also welcome to bring along a couple of friends to sit in the passenger cabin and witness your newly acquired skills.

    • Get to grips with the controls of a virtual Boeing 737
    • Guided and supported by a fully trained pilot
    • A mammoth 90 minutes to put your skills into practise
  • Key Info


    Seven days a week (excluding Christmas and New Year), subject to availability.

    Participant Guidelines

    Minimum age 10 and no other restrictions.


    After a 30 minute briefing, spend 90 minutes in the simulator at the controls. Please arrive a few minutes prior to your booked flight time to register.

    Numbers On Day

    This is a solo flying experience but you are free to take turns at the controls with a friend if you bring someone along.


    Invite up to two guests into the cabin with you.

    Dress Code

    No special clothing is required, so just dress comfortably as you would for driving.

    Other Info

    Mobile phones must be turned off before entering the facility.

  • Reviews

    * * * * *
    , 18 Aug 2013

    Will do this again, great experience

    * * * * *
    , 15 Aug 2013

    A wonderful experience for anyone interested in flying! Our instructor was very professional and made the whole 90 mins really interesting Only problem was time went very quickly so I would definitely recommend the 90 min slot and we will be back for another go as soon as we can...!!!

    * * * * *
    , 26 May 2013

    Great day out, the instructor was very professional on the briefing and in the cockpit. Now we all have an insight into the work done by the pilots when it comes to landing those big birds. Will be doing it again. Thanks Red Letter Days and Virtual Flight.

    * * * * *
    , 07 May 2013

    Great fun, and educational too. My host (Kevin - a retired 737 & 757 captain) proved to be an excellent instructor. Whilst the company has in mind the basis of what each 90 minute session will involve, participants are asked at the start what background/ level of prior experience they have. It seems that the details are then tailored so as to provide a flying experience that is suitable for that participant, as the session fitted me perfectly. Don't be put off by fears of having too little or too much prior knowledge - the instructor will adapt to provide just the right level of challenge. As for realism, the flight deck is taken from a real aircraft, so all controls are authentic. Visuals use multiple projectors and are much more realistic than a home computer screen. Whilst this simulator is a fixed base unit (i.e. it does not swivel on hydraulic stilts), this is suitably reflected in the price. Highly recommended.

    * * * * *
    , 20 Mar 2013

    I'd never been in an aeroplane cockpit before and there were a bewildering array of controls, and a quite different way of handling to what I was used to. But the instructor was patiemt, clear and helpful and it was great fun. Was certainly excellent value and something I'd do again.

    * * * * *
    , 11 Mar 2013

    From the initial briefing, to the end of the day it was a great experience. Even the coffee was good. It truly gives an insight to the operations of multiengine aircraft and the descent into Hong Kong's Kai Tak airport was terrifying. The satisfaction when you make it safely leaves you with a huge grin on your face. It left me with the question am I too old to retrain.

    * * * * *
    , 29 Oct 2012

    Great briefing. Totally realistic. Great fun

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