34% off Weekday Sunrise Champagne Hot Air Ballooning

34% off Weekday Sunrise Champagne Hot Air Ballooning
34% off Weekday Sunrise Champagne Hot Air Ballooning
34% off Weekday Sunrise Champagne Hot Air Ballooning

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  • About

    Hot air ballooning is an exhilarating experience and a must try for any high flyer! To begin, meet the trusty pilot and get a full safety briefing while still firmly on the ground, then help to prepare and inflate the balloon with the other flyers ready for launch. Once prepared, fly at heights of up to 3,000 feet and gaze at the stunning countryside views which unfold below whilst enjoying the restful peace and quiet. After landing, help the crew pack the balloon away before enjoying a celebratory glass of champagne (or soft drink) and get driven back to the launch site (who knows where the craft will land? - balloons can't be steered). To conclude, receive a commemorative flight certificate to take home.

    • Recently reduced from £150 to £99 - you won't find a lower priced nationwide voucher!
    • Available Monday to Friday for sunrise flights only
    • Travel from any number of launch sites across the country
    • After landing, toast the flight with a glass of champagne or soft drink
  • Key Info


    Weekday mornings (excluding bank holidays) from March/April to October/November. Flights take place at dawn, when the air is at its most stable. Dates fill very quickly, so book at least four weeks in advance.

    Participant Guidelines

    Maximum weight 18 stone. Minimum height 4'6''. Minimum age is 8. Under 16's must be accompanied by an adult. Ballooning isn't suitable for pregnant women. Any medical conditions must be declared in advance.


    Ballooning is extremely weather dependent - it is crucial to call the venue before the flight. If postponed, an alternative date and location can be arranged (please contact the operator for information).


    Actual flight length is determined by conditions on the day. The experience normally lasts around three hours, including one hour for inflating the balloon and one hour for packing the balloon away and returning to the launch site.

    Numbers On Day

    Share the balloon with between 8 -16 other flyers, plus a qualified pilot.


    Spectators are welcome to watch the launch and wave you off. A pair of binoculars or a camera will come in handy.

    Dress Code

    Wear trousers, long sleeves and sensible footwear (no high heels please). Please avoid loose scarves or jewellery. Bring a hat - heat from the burner overhead can be intense. Launch and landing sites can be muddy.

    Other Info

    This voucher entitles you to a minimum of five attempts at rebooking during a one year period (from your booking), should any weather cancellation/s prevent it going ahead.

  • Reviews

    * * * * *
    , 10 Jul 2013

    Best birthday present ever! Would recommend as a surprise for anyone.

    * * * * *
    , 27 Jun 2013

    We were really lucky with the weather, perfect conditions for a balloon flight, no wind and good visibility. Great to see the world from above.

    * * * * *
    , 12 Jun 2013

    I've always wanted to go up in a balloon and now that I have, I want to do it again! The booking team were really helpful and on the day the pilot and his team were fun and friendly, taking away any nerves that I might have had. The flight itself was breathtaking and I even managed to get an aerial photograph of my house! Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to enjoy a memorable event.

    * * * * *
    , 10 Sep 2012

    I would definitely recommend the trip to anyone.

    * * * * *
    , 28 Jun 2012

    The experience was great. The flight team were friendly and involved all who wanted to be. The only problem was sorting out a flight date. Bailey balloon's were very helpful; the weather wasn't. Just be patient. It is worth the wait.

    * * * * *
    , 11 Apr 2012

    A wonderful experience from start to finish. Great rapport and friendliness from the crew and pilot. Breathtaking views and a surreal experience. Memories that will last forever.

    * * * * *
    , 02 Sep 2011
    East Sussex

    What a great day up in the balloon. There was even a spare place and I was able to take my 8 year old son with me so it was even more enjoyable as he wasn't expecting it. We had champagne at 2000 feet and it was so serene and peaceful just floating along with not a care in the world. What fun!

    * * * * *
    , 24 Aug 2011

    Whole thing was very enjoyable. I'll almost certainly do it again in a different place with different countryside to look at, and for longer if I can.

    * * * * *
    , 16 Aug 2011

    Just letting you know we had a very enjoyable experience and have got memories that will last a lifetime.

    * * * * *
    , 28 Jul 2011

    What an amazing experience and this is due to the really professional, yet fun two guys who organize the event. Leaving from Leeds Castle was spectacular as you go from the grounds and see the Castle getting smaller and smaller in the distance. The two guys who organize the event absolutely made our day they were fun to be around but at the same time made you feel very safe and worry free. The day was bought for me by my mum and she came up with me as well and we absolutely loved it. I have to say, and this isnt often you can say this, it was faultless as well as fabulous. I would not only recommend this event but also do it again myself. Thank you to the guys involved and to Red Letter Days x

    * * * * *
    , 27 Jul 2011

    I cannot speak highly enough about the great team handling our Red Letter Days balloon flight they were truly magnificent in every aspect. We look forward to our next Red Letter Day. Thank you.

    * * * * *
    , 21 Jul 2011

    Our host Chris was excellent. Full of knowledge about the area we flew over and very amusing with it. The venue (Leeds Castle) couldn't have been better

    * * * * *
    , 02 Jul 2011

    An excellent group of staff who explained everything so well and were friendly and curteous. The first attempt we had at booking and the weather was perfect! Thanks to all involved!

    * * * * *
    , 27 Jun 2011

    To celebrate my fiftieth birthday I was given a hot air balloon ride as a gift. I was looking forward to it. Although apprehension about the weather conditions the balloon ride was planned to go ahead. The instructions were to meet at 4.445pm outside Leeds Castlee gates. The grounds showing the backdrop to Leeds Castle was mystical where we were met by the crew and jeep containing the basket and balloon. The mist was rising off the lake silhouetting the castle. We received our instructions about the ride and safety instructions. Then we got stuck in helping to unravel and hold the balloon whilst it filled up with cold air.Once inflated we all climbed into the basket where we practiced our safe landing technique. Then we were off. Gradually ascending to up to nearly 2,000 feet. The weather was perfect not a cloud in the sky, the sun was rising over a backdrop to a beautiful blue sky. we sipped champagne whilst watching the horses chasing voles in the fields. A day to remember

    * * * * *
    , 21 Jun 2011
    North Yorkshire


    * * * * *
    , 11 Jun 2011

    My husband had a really wonderful time. Weather was spot on. l can see why it has to be good. Although my husband had a little grumble about the early start. But here really enjoyed himself we both did.

    * * * * *
    , 05 Jun 2011

    Well organised, enjoyed every minute of it, enthralling and would thoroughly recommend.

    * * * * *
    , 01 May 2011

    Really great experience, definitely worth getting up before dawn.

    * * * * *
    , 21 Apr 2011

    Having this hot air balloon ride was a fantastic experience and one I will never forget. It was absolutely mind blowing.

    * * * * *
    , 21 Aug 2010

    Great to be apart of inflating balloon and packing away after landing as it completes whole experience. Incredible feeling.


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