Kids Scuba Diving

Kids Scuba Diving
Kids Scuba Diving
Kids Scuba Diving

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2 hrs
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  • About

    Imagine what it's like to be able to breathe underwater and to be completely weightless. Learn all about the amazing world of scuba diving, and take an initial step (or splash) towards becoming a scuba diver. Before being kitted out in full scuba gear, an expert teacher explains dive safety and how to get mobile underwater. Once in the swimming pool, get used to all the equipment and learn how to breathe underwater to achieve weightlessness - it's brilliant fun. There is an instructor around the whole time to offer expert guidance and make sure you stay safe.

    • Learn all about safety and diving techniques
    • Get kitted out in scuba gear
    • Learn how to breathe underwater and become weightless in a swimming pool
    • Brilliant fun - and maybe you'll get the scuba diving bug!
  • Key Info


    Selected dates all year round.

    Participant Guidelines

    This experience is for children aged 8 to 14 who are fit and healthy. Beginners are welcome. If you suffer from asthma, diabetes, claustrophobia or any respiratory, heart or other medical conditions, you'll need written medical approval to take part.


    Your experience will last for one and a half to two hours, depending on the standard of pupils. You'll spend around half an hour in the pool.

    Numbers On Day

    There is a maximum pupil to tutor ratio of 6:1.


    Spectator facilities vary from venue to venue - please check when booking. There are usually facilities where parents can watch or wait.

    Dress Code

    Bring a swimming costume, a towel and a T-shirt to wear in the water (to stop the scuba apparatus rubbing against your skin). All other equipment will be provided, including your tank, mask and scuba gear.

    Other Info

    Please check suitability to participate before booking. An adult is required to sign a medical declaration and disclaimer on behalf of the participant before they start their diving tuition.

  • Reviews

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    , 16 Oct 2012
    Kids' Scuba Diving

    An absolutely perfect experience. We had very high expectations going in but they were far exceeded. The instructors went out of their way to make it a wonderful and unforgettable experience. My daughter had the time of her life and we're already thinking of when she can repeat it again, perhaps with a friend. 11 out 10.

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    , 17 Feb 2009
    Kids' Scuba Diving

    The team at Birmingham were well informed, capable and kind. They were fun and it was a fun evening for me. I felt safe at all times and I achieved underwater diving for the whole length of the swimming pool. Everyone was great and I really want to do more now. They even gave my mum some websites and recommendations so I can do it nearer my home.


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