Newspaper From The Day You Were Born

Newspaper From The Day You Were Born

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    Choose a paper that means something special to you or someone dear, enjoy reading and owning the original issue from a date such as birthday, anniversary or other occasion you would like to mark. It comes presented in an alluring red gift box with a personalised certificate of authenticity. In most cases the paper will be an original London Times, but if this can't be sourced then another national newspaper from the date will be selected. Please check before ordering that your chosen date is not a Sunday or a particularly notable date from history (as availability is likely to be rare or not available). Also be aware that for all 1950's London Times, the front page features births, deaths and marriages and not typical front page headlines.

    • Choose an orginal archive newspaper from the date of your birth or another special date
    • Price includes postage and packaging and delivery normally within 15 days to UK mainland and Northern Ireland
    • Please be aware Sundays are not available and papers from notable dates can be rare or also unavailable
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    The package is delivered within 14 days by first class post. Please note that delivery on a particular date cannot be guaranteed. Delivery within the UK Mainland only.

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    Be aware newspapers from dates falling on a key news event (e.g. lunar landings) are very rare. In these instances, a paper from the following day will be sent. Sundays are not available. This item cannot be returned or refunded.

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