Single-Seater Motor Racing Experience

Single-Seater Motor Racing Experience
Single-Seater Motor Racing Experience
Single-Seater Motor Racing Experience

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2 hrs
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  • About

    Get strapped into an open cockpit with legs stretched out into the nose of the car, the steering wheel in front and the gearstick between your legs. Only a couple of inches off the ground, feel every bump and vibration and fight not to oversteer, as the super-responsive car reacts to every tiny adjustment. This is driving at its limits, as done by the professionals. Start with a safety briefing about high-speed driving. At selected locations warm up with a session in a race-prepared sports saloon or sports car with the instructor, to learn the racing line and hone a circuit driving technique. Then strap in to the single-seater, driving solo, putting the theory into practice.

    • Full briefing from qualified instructors
    • Learn about racing lines and driving at speed
    • Drive an F1-style single-seater round a motor racing circuit
  • Key Info


    Most circuits operate at weekends and on selected weekdays. Weekends are always busy; please allow several weeks advance booking notice.

    Participant Guidelines

    You need a full manual driving licence (bring it with you on the day). Restrictions vary according to venue but as a guide the maximum weight is between 16 and 18 stone, minimum height is 5'1'' to 5'2'' and maximum is 6'2'' to 6'5''.


    Motor racing may be cancelled or curtailed in extreme weather conditions (like snow, ice or severe rain) which would make driving at speed dangerous. Give the venue a ring if you're in any doubt.


    Sessions vary from circuit to circuit, but as a guide your experience lasts for one to two hours including briefing, tuition, driving time and a debrief.

    Numbers On Day

    The number of participants varies; as a guide there will be around 20 people taking part, sharing six cars.


    Spectators are welcome, get them to bring a camera. Spectator facilities vary from circuit to circuit but are generally very good. Pets are not allowed at any circuit.

    Dress Code

    Wear trousers, a long-sleeved shirt and slim, flat-soled shoes, as the pedals in these cars are close together. Don't wear nylon. A helmet is provided.

  • Reviews

    , 13 Apr 2015
    Thruxton Motorsport Centre

    Excellent present for my Birthday. One that I wont forget in a hurry. Staff were all excellent as well as the venue.

    , 25 Jun 2014
    Thruxton Motorsport Centre

    Really brilliant day not much i can say to improve it. All staff were great and helpful.

    , 07 Jun 2014
    Thruxton Motorsport Centre

    A fabulous day at Thruxton. The sun was shining and all the staff were excellent. Loved the driving experience and would definitely recommend it to anyone. Phil.

    , 23 Feb 2014
    Thruxton Motorsport Centre

    brilliant exciting time of my life! really good driving instructors, which gave you plenty of information! well organised. made me feel very welcome, defiantly recommend. All ready planing to come back!!! Thank you for this experience!

    , 20 Jul 2013
    Goodwood Motor Circuit

    I had a great day, enjoying the new experience of driving a racing car for the first time. Everything was on time and there was not much waiting around. The staff were very friendly and helpful. There were not too many other cars on the track at the same time which you had to be aware of or which you had to overtake as they were slower. 4 laps pass fairly quickly.

    , 18 Mar 2013
    Thruxton Motorsport Centre

    Well organised, friendly staff, good mix of driving experience. Just what it said on the tin!

    , 11 Sep 2012
    Thruxton Motorsport Centre

    Having been a motor racing fan all of my life, driving a single seater on the track was something that I had always wanted to do - but never quite got round to! Years passed and suddenly I realised I might be too old. My son remembered my dream and bought me a Red Letter Day gift voucher for my 70th birthday. Too old? Do not believe it! I went to Thruxton and had an absolutely fantastic day out. I was a little apprehensive but the staff and instructors all put me at my ease. More difficult to drive on a track than I would have believed but the single seater drive was terrific. Additional laps were available and I would recommend taking another 5 laps (more if you can afford it!) as you are better able to appreciate the speeds at which you can ago (and still not fall off the track!!). The hardest part was getting out of the cockpit at the end of the experience - my legs no longer seemed to operate properly. I intend to go again (and again!). Lots of memories. Best wishes John

    , 12 Jun 2012
    Goodwood Motor Circuit

    I've always wanted to experience a real drivers car, and this certainly didn't disappoint. I would recommend this to anyone.

    , 18 Feb 2012
    Goodwood Motor Circuit

    A good afternoon out. The Saloon car introduction round the circuit was probably the hi light of the whole experience.The instructor, whilst in the Saloon car, give me the confidence to enjoy the rest of it; which I did.

    , 08 Jul 2011
    Goodwood Motor Circuit

    Couldn't have been happier with the whole experience in every aspect. Many Thanks.

    , 19 Apr 2011
    Thruxton Motorsport Centre

    I chose Thruxton as it is the fastest circuit in the UK and I liked the selection of vehicles that we got to drive. The instructors were very helpful and the track had been set-up with helpful markers to aid our breaking and to keep to the racing line. The single seaters were the best part of the day though - I could have spent all afternoon on the track! On our day, Tiff Needell was also at the circuit and you could purchase his time to take you round the track. I couldn't afford it, but as part of the experience package, I got to have a flying lap with a Dutch rally driver which was a lot of fun! There were also many other super cars on display which you could purchase race laps in if you wished. All-in-all, a very enjoyable day and I have some professional photos as a souvenir of my time on the track. I look forward to my next birthday surprise.

    , 23 Oct 2010
    Thruxton Motorsport Centre

    Thruxton venue was excellent, friendly and well organised.

    , 27 Aug 2010
    Thruxton Motorsport Centre

    I had a great time a day i'll never forget!

    , 27 Aug 2010
    Thruxton Motorsport Centre

    I had a great time! A day i'll never forget!

    , 20 Aug 2010
    Goodwood Motor Circuit

    The whole experience from start to finish was done in such a professional, friendly and inclusive way not only me but also my family, who also thoroughly enjoyed the whole day. This is something I have wanted to do for years and every moment was beautifully attended to. The humour brought to the occassion by the staff helped to relax me and make the day even more memorable. Top drawer treatment.

    , 25 Jun 2010
    Thruxton Motorsport Centre

    Really great day - the instructors were fantastic and really pushed you to drive faster and well.

    , 06 Jun 2010
    Thruxton Motorsport Centre

    A BIG thankyou to all at Thruxton for making it an unforgettable experience and for making my family feel part of the day as well.

    , 05 Jun 2010
    Goodwood Motor Circuit

    During an educational session with an instructor we were shown how to get the best out of the track. This involved heading for cones on the outside of the track to indicate the point at which we should turn into the corner. We then head to point towards the exit point marked by a board with an X. It certainly helped to do a smooth lap. We were then kitted out in overalls and helmets to take to the single seaters. There was so much to think about but the experience was exciting especially the long straight where I was able to hit maximum revs (around 100 MPH)

    , 16 Sep 2009
    Thruxton Motorsport Centre

    My son bought me this Red Letter Days experience for my birthday, knowing that I always had a passion for driving interesting cars. Now in my 72nd year I admit I was a little apprehensive as the time approached, but I was soon put at ease by the friendly and professional approach by all of the staff members. The rest as they say is 'JUST HISTORY'. The experience of driving around the track was everything I had hoped for and more. Thank you Thruxton and Red Letter Days for making an 'old man's dream' come true.

    , 13 Jun 2009
    Goodwood Motor Circuit

    A really good day out, will do it again soon, very well looked after - even my 3 year old son got to sit in a Lambo and a single seater racing car with a helmet and gloves on just like his dad, which made his day!! Thanks to the guys at Goodwood!


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