55% off Paintballing for Four

55% off Paintballing for Four
55% off Paintballing for Four
55% off Paintballing for Four

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7 hrs

£60 £27
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    Battling with paintballs in combat clothes and goggles is a load of fun and this experience is a great chance for four friends to get together and dodge, spy and pelt their way through woodland. Upon arrival, all four of you are given fresh and clean combat overalls, ready to get covered in paint. Full face protection paintball goggles are also supplied, as well as a semi-automatic paintball gun, loaded with 100 paintballs each. An experienced marshal gives a safety briefing and then, let battle commence. The experience lasts for a full day and between six and eight games are played out in different themed zones and areas, designed to test strategy, teamwork, leadership and navigation skills. Who dares wins!

    • Take advantage of our special offer from £60 to £27
    • A full day paintballing at one of the UK's top venues
    • Includes 100 paintballs each (and buy as many extras as you want)
    • All equipment is included
  • Key Info


    Every weekend throughout the year, with occasional weekdays.

    Participant Guidelines

    Minimum age 10. Be aware that paintballing is physically demanding and paintballs can bruise!


    Paintballing goes ahead whatever the weather.


    Please expect to be at the venue for up to seven hours. Each game lasts around 20 minutes.

    Numbers On Day

    Work as part of a team of 15 to 20 people doing battle against an opposing group. There can be up to 250 participants on-site during the day; the more the merrier, extra soldiers make for more paintball challenging madness.


    Because participants play in several different areas, spectators are not able to see the action and are required to remain in the safety zone at all times.

    Dress Code

    Wear old clothes (ideally layers or thick, padded clothing) and trainers or walking boots. You'll be provided with overalls, full face masks, goggles with eye, ear and throat protection and all other equipment.

    Other Info

    Players tend to use around 400 - 500 paintballs overall. A pizza lunch and additional paintballs can be purchased on the day (balls cost £8 per 100 and pizza costs £5).

  • Reviews

    , 02 Aug 2015
    55% off Paintballing for Four

    Enjoyable day, shooting with my friends. Helpful staff.

    , 03 Mar 2014
    55% off Paintballing for Four

    First time paintballing and was brilliant! By far the best day out! Can't wait to go again, also the staff are brilliant they all know how to make the day more enjoyable!

    , 04 Aug 2013
    55% off Paintballing for Four

    Painful at times, but that all adds to the adrenaline rush - if you are looking for a fun time in the country away from the city spending chilled time with friends this is ideal.

    , 29 Jul 2013
    55% off Paintballing for Four

    Delta Paintball in West Lothian was fantastic. The staff are so friendly and helpful. The paintball games are good fun for all ages. Weather is not really an issue, we had torrential rain but the fun didn't stop!

    , 03 Jun 2013
    55% off Paintballing for Four

    Best paintballing I've done. Marshalls very good. A very enjoyable day.

    , 07 May 2013
    55% off Paintballing for Four

    Fantastic day out well organised, clear instruction, lots of fun and above all well worth the money!

    , 14 Apr 2013
    55% off Paintballing for Four

    A great way to escape real life with friends for a few hours.

    , 25 Mar 2013
    55% off Paintballing for Four

    I got the Red Letter Day for my birthday for paintballing for four and my god it was brilliant. Red Letter Days provided all the info I needed and Delta Force provided a day out to remember. I'm booking many more experiences with Red Letter Days in the future.

    , 31 Dec 2012
    55% off Paintballing for Four

    My daughter and her friends had great fun, despite the weather not being great. Staff were very welcoming and helpful. The hot water bottle and free tea and coffee for spectators was an excellent touch. Would definitely recommend and use again


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