Segway Rally for Two

Segway Rally for Two
Segway Rally for Two
Segway Rally for Two

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  • About

    The Segway is the latest technological development and a must-have for those who love moving gadgets - in fact it's one of the most unique driving experiences around! They say it is as simple as walking, but the skill of being able to balance on two wheels is important, to get the feeling of hovering above ground. To help get started, an instructor will provide fundamental instruction and a safety briefing to ensure familiarity with the controls. Once ready, jump aboard the Segway onto a natural track through wooded or open surroundings (depending on venue), and get straight into racing practise. There are even overtaking sections to add a competitive element to the experience. To conclude this day out, there will be a certificate presentation.

    • A totally unique way to travel
    • Full safety briefing and familiarisation first
    • Then rally off road on a challenging track
    • Each venue runs at least two weekday events per month
  • Key Info


    A minimum of once a month, a maximum of four times a month (depending on venue chosen) from May - December.

    Participant Guidelines

    Min age 10 - 12 and those under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to sign a disclaimer. Min weight 45kg (seven stone), maximum weight is 117kg (18.5 stone). Safety dictates pregnant woman cannot participate.


    This experience may be cancelled or curtailed in extreme weather conditions (i.e. ice or snow) which would make Segway driving dangerous. Contacted will be made if the experience is cancelled.


    Lasts for approximately an hour, including a briefing and Segway driving time.

    Numbers On Day

    Share Segway racing time with between four and ten other participants.


    Not all venues include a waiting area for spectators but they can watch the riders (a maximum of two in Scotland) from a number of trackside areas.

    Dress Code

    Dress appropriately for this outdoor activity and be aware that you may get muddy. All safety equipment (full body protection and a helmet) will be supplied by the venue. We recommend wearing flat, sturdy covered shoes or trainers and gloves.

    Other Info

    Segways are eco-friendly as they have zero emissions. Each vehicle runs for up to 24 miles on 14p of electricity.

  • Reviews

    , 23 Nov 2015
    Segway Rally for Two in Cheshire

    We started with a briefing session followed by some training and then spent time driving round an undulating track in the woods. The hour flew by and we'll be looking to do a longer rally soon

    , 19 Aug 2013
    Segway Rally for Two in Cheshire

    My wife received the Segway experience for two from her work colleagues on her retirement. She was very apprehensive so we went early and walked the course and looked at the machines whilst they were on charge. The briefing was very thorough, explaining how the Segway works and we were given a demo of the controls. Once started. an instructor led us around the course pointing out any difficult parts, giving advice on how to tackle them. We were then let loose on our own and my wife still being nervous travelled very slowly. However, after three laps she realised there was nothing to be afraid of and got quicker and quicker. By the end when we were called off the course she wanted to carry on, and made me promise to take her again soon for another go.. The instructors were amazing and very professional, looking after her until she gained confidence. Can't wait to go again

    , 10 Aug 2013
    Segway Rally for Two in Buckinghamshire

    Pretty daunting when you first step on but in no time you master the technique and your off on the rally trail. A very unusual experience but great fun and will definitely go again

    , 17 Jul 2013
    Segway Rally for Two in Hertfordshire

    Brilliantly run and very entertaining day out. Thanks.

    , 05 Jul 2013
    Segway Rally for Two in Hampshire

    The instructors were very encouraging and after a an hour of whizzing increasingly fast around the course, we are ready for the world! Alot of laughs - will do again!

    , 05 Jul 2013
    Segway Rally for Two in Hampshire

    Great fun and was very well explained how to drive them. Perfect for something a little different.

    , 13 Jun 2013
    Segway Rally for Two in Staffordshire

    Really friendly guys running the experience, a great course.. all in all had a fab time.

    , 07 May 2013
    Segway Rally for Two in Cheshire

    Yet another adventure ticked off the list. I took my other half as the 2nd person. One of us took to it like a duck to water, the other more like bambi on the frozen lake. Great training was given and a course with some interesting twists/turns. There was certainly a good rally going on, only a small group are on each session, which means the more competitive have a chance to shine. However the meeker adventurer can still enjoy a few laps (with the use of the pull-ins) and get a great experience on this unusual mode of transport.

    , 24 Mar 2013
    Segway Rally for Two in Hampshire

    Segway was a great experience. The instructors were brilliant and really patient. Would highly recommend this as a great day out. The tracks were exciting and not as boring and mundane as I thought they would of been.

    , 23 Mar 2013
    Segway Rally for Two in Hampshire

    We had a great time when we went on the segway rally. The trainers were fab and everyone picked it up really easily. Would definitely go again. Whole experience lasted roughly an hour and a half including the training.

    , 10 Mar 2013
    Segway Rally for Two in Staffordshire

    Great guys giving training and organising the event, and ensured that we had a good time on the Segways after training. Stafford venue could be better / more scenic, but trail long enough to have serious fun!

    , 25 Feb 2013
    Segway Rally for Two in Cheshire

    A real thrill to experience a fairly unusual sensation, but soon got the hang of it and thoroughly enjoyed the off-road track.

    , 11 Feb 2013
    Segway Rally for Two in Hertfordshire

    Unique experience. Good instructors. Safety equipment could do with freshening up!

    , 08 Jan 2013
    Segway Rally for Two in Hampshire

    Whilst my husband could not attend and we could not get hold of anyone to see if his could be re-arranged, the rest of us went and had a brilliant time. Mark and Tom were excellent instructors too.

    , 14 Dec 2012
    Segway Rally for Two in Hampshire

    Not only was Segway a huge amount of fun but Danny and Oz, the instructors, really made the occasion with their good humour and friendly but professional approach.

    , 13 Nov 2012
    Segway Rally for Two in Hampshire

    This may not be the future of personal transport but it was great fun and really easy to get the hang of, mastering it took a little longer. So after only a few laps all but the timid were zooming around quite fast and mostly in total safety, only the over-exuberant had minor falls, and no one actually hurt themselves. So, listen to (and take notice of) the briefing and all will be fine. But the most important thing is, it is really great fun. Absolutely loved it and would do it again any time.

    , 06 Nov 2012
    Segway Rally for Two in London

    Great fun, took the wife and now she wants one. Would go again but would like to try a longer course.

    , 05 Nov 2012
    Segway Rally for Two in London

    We had wonderful time trying this new experience, certainly not something I would have expected taking part in but we were pleasantly surprised. After a brief training course you were well set to ride away at your own pace on a well designed course which catered for all abilities. The instructors were both friendly and helpful.

    , 28 Oct 2012
    Segway Rally for Two in Hertfordshire

    Great atmosphere with awesome instructors

    , 28 Oct 2012
    Segway Rally for Two in Hertfordshire

    Great venue, great staff, great fun. Would recommend it.


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