Skid Control Driving Experience

Skid Control Driving Experience
Skid Control Driving Experience
Skid Control Driving Experience

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  • About

    Controlling a skid is a very useful skill. Start with a safety briefing and a discussion on the cause and cures of different kinds of skids. Then, use techniques that simulate loss of car control, with the vehicle seeming to get away from you. Skidpan driving focuses on both avoidance and recovery, an expert instructor teaches the skills of driving on ice, aquaplaning and skid avoidance exercises. Courses are held either on an oil-like surface or using a computerised skid frame (looks like stabilisers on your bike, only they're not very stabilising). Some courses also include time trials to test your new skills.

    • Learn about skid avoidance and recovery
    • Use techniques that simulate loss of car control
    • The thrill of driving on ice and aquaplaning but in complete safety
    • Courses held on an oil-like skid surface or with computerised skid frame
  • Key Info


    Selected dates at least once a month throughout the year.

    Participant Guidelines

    Anyone with a full manual driving licence is welcome. Height and weight restrictions also apply at some venues; please check when booking.


    The weather is unlikely to affect your experience. Don't despair if it's raining - this experience is even more exciting and slippery when it's wet.


    The length of the session varies from venue to venue, but as a guide it lasts between 90 minutes and three hours, including safety briefing, instruction, driving time and debrief.

    Numbers On Day

    The number of people attending tends to vary. Up to four participants share each car.


    Spectators are welcome. Facilities vary depending on the venue.

    Dress Code

    Dress warmly and comfortably. If you are on a course that uses a skidpan (as opposed to an electronic frame) wear old shoes if you can, as you might get oil or suds from the skidpan on them.

    Other Info

    Anyone under the influence of drink or drugs will not be allowed to take part.

  • Reviews

    , 15 Aug 2016
    Castle Combe Skid Pan

    My husband enjoyed it but it seemed to be unorganised at first. We were told to arrive at 12.30 but when we got there gates were locked & we're not opened until 12.50. There was a lot of waiting around before the start & during the event & they ran over by at least half an hr. I was a little disappointed but in the end my husband really enjoyed him self.

    , 09 Aug 2015
    Castle Combe Skid Pan

    Geoff and Paul, the instructors, were great; providing good knowledge and training. Recommend this course to all!

    , 03 Dec 2012
    Castle Combe Skid Pan

    A well run session letting you loose initially without any briefing (other than elf and safety!) to drive the course and make all the mistakes to experience loss of control. Then a briefing on the causes and how to control before a second session which proved the point and the difference in control was significant.

    , 11 Nov 2012
    Castle Combe Skid Pan

    This was a birthday present to remember. I went on my own but there were others there with friends and family and everyone appeared to enjoy the experience and get chatting about it. I thought the afternoon would be lots of waiting about and a short drive in a car on the slippery pan. We had several sessions in the car: finding out how we reacted naturally to skids in both front and rear-wheel drive cars; practising handling skids (in both) after a very good brief; handling skidding when braking in a car with no ABS and a final "time trial" when we could put in to practise what we'd learnt. The instructors were very professional and the whole environment felt very safe. I'd recommend this experience to anyone and go again in a heartbeat!

    , 04 Jun 2012
    Castle Combe Skid Pan

    I had a great time learning how to stop skidding whilst also having a lot of fun. The only down side was the vehicles, they really do need to be replaced. The BMW understeers when it should oversteer. But sitting in the back of all of them my head was tucking the roof. And I'm not that tall. But still an experience I really enjoyed. Thanks to the instructors.

    , 03 Jun 2012
    Castle Combe Skid Pan

    Just realised how much cheaper it would have been to book direct! Around 25% - not to be sniffed at.

    , 22 Feb 2012
    Castle Combe Skid Pan

    Excellent skidding fun and I went expecting just that. However, this teaches you how to regain control of your car in a skid and hopefully avoid any fatal consequences. Well taught and could save your life.

    , 07 Aug 2011
    Castle Combe Skid Pan

    Great day, well managed by the two guys Paul & Jim. Would recommend for anyone wanting an adrenaline rush.

    , 22 May 2011
    Castle Combe Skid Pan

    Instructors were friendly approachable and informative providing a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

    , 14 May 2011
    Castle Combe Skid Pan

    I started the day slightly nervous but by the end I was wishing I could experience it all over again.

    , 10 May 2011
    Castle Combe Skid Pan

    Some initial floundering followed by some instruction then progessively less floundering as the morning went on. Learnt some useful gems which hopefully will make next winter's driving a bit safer. Came second in the time trial. Bah!

    , 12 Dec 2010
    Castle Combe Skid Pan

    Both informative and lots of fun, the two instructors were brilliant, gave informative demonstrations and ended the day with a time trial which I spectacularly lost!

    , 31 Oct 2010
    Castle Combe Skid Pan

    Was a brilliant day out. Lots of fun skidding about, before learning how to handle the skids. Think this should be compulsory for all teenagers after passing their driving tests!

    , 14 Sep 2010
    Castle Combe Skid Pan

    A great experience and also very informative. The staff were relaxed and friendly and not at all patronising. Bring on the snow and ice this Winter - I can handle it!

    , 14 Feb 2010
    Castle Combe Skid Pan

    The skidpan was some of the best fun I've had in a car for years. I thought I was fairly competent in slippy conditions anyway but during the day learned real techniques that will definitely help on the road should I ever run out of talent! The new skills definitely shone through at the end of the day when I took home the cup for the quickest timed lap of the skidpan, which caused some elation!

    , 20 Dec 2009
    Castle Combe Skid Pan

    Got to learn control in both front and rear wheel drive cars, instructors were excellent and lots of fun and we got to do lots of driving. I now have more confidence in slippery conditions and know what to do and what not to do. A great choice of experience for any age, male or female!

    , 06 Sep 2009
    Castle Combe Skid Pan

    My parents arranged a day out on the skidpan for myself and my brother and we thoroughly enjoyed our experience, we may even book it up for our father to do as he always 'knows best'!

    , 17 Aug 2009
    Castle Combe Skid Pan

    How not to do it and how to do it ... great day let loose on the skidpan track, first go all over the place, then a little instruction how to correct a skid, then the time trial. All good fun, well worth a go.

    , 10 Jul 2009
    Castle Combe Skid Pan

    This was a great experience and well worth doing, introducing useful skills which may be needed on the road one day. The instructors were very helpful and informative and achieved the right balance so the course was demanding but enjoyable at the same time.

    , 26 Apr 2009
    Castle Combe Skid Pan

    Skidpan driving involves appreciating and learning all about driving on slippery roads. The team were friendly and knowledgeable, and the time spent on the track was more than adequate. Learned all the differences between front and rear wheel drive cars, ABS and braking. A great day out if you want to combine a fun-filled driving experience with potentially life saving advice on how to steer a car in tricky road conditions. Red Letter Days provided a great service all around the event. The only shame is that I didn't win the time trial at the end ;-), but somebody else was faster.


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