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Gone are the days when a job well done is rewarded with a pat on the back and a few drinks after work. The drinks are always good but we can help you be much more creative. When you want to reward someone for demonstrating the values of your company, whether that is putting the customer first, being pro-active or going above and beyond, you need to reward them with something they are going to remember.

Take Makro for example. As the leading cash and carry wholesaler in the UK, with stores at 30 locations nationwide, they wanted to recognise and reward employees who demonstrated exceptional workplace behaviour. Employees across their in-store and corporate networks were nominated by Senior Managers as part of the scheme and rewarded with Experience Vouchers.

We created a bespoke online ordering platform for the managers and dual branded information on Makro’s intranet to outline the logistics of the scheme, as well as some eye-catching marketing support to promote it. Makro described it as one of their most successful and innovative reward schemes that really excited and motivated staff across the company.

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