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Truck Driving Experiences

Take control of a real-life HGV. Truck driving puts motor enthusiasts at the wheel of these massive machines. From thrill rides in a juggernaut to military and emergency service vehicles, every petrolhead will find a thrill.

Stuck for gift ideas? A day spent at the helm of a lorry is bound to be unforgettable. Treat them to a unique gift and mark a special occasion, from 18th to 60th birthday celebrations. Make their driving dreams a reality.

Spend a Day Trucking

Get behind the wheel of a truck and experience the incredible feeling of being in control of one of these powerful vehicles. Sit elevated in the cabin and enjoy a new perspective of the road ahead. Treat someone who has always dreamed of being a part of the military or a firefighter, these driving experiences are a unique taste of life on the road in a huge truck. Put driving skills to the test around a challenging course. Try out slalom driving and reverse parking and walk away a pro trucker.

Military and Emergency Vehicles

A driving experience at the helm of a military truck gives explorers a feel for what it's like to ride in a powerful machine used by the army. Hop inside a DAF for a go in a mighty beast and test skills on a specially-designed course in this monster or tackle any type of terrain in an amphibious vehicle with a session in a Stalwart. With six wheels and a 6.5-litre engine, this machine makes easy work of mud, water and steep hills. Alternatively, live out those childhood dreams with a day at the helm of a fire engine. Get expert tuition from an instructor on how to use a 200bhp fire truck, then navigate the site and attempt the challenge of parallel parking. Better yet, head to Diggerland to take the controls of a JCB, offering driving on an industrial scale.