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Tank Driving Experiences

Tank driving experiences are truly unique driving gifts. Grab the opportunity here to pilot an ex-army machine for a thrilling off-road tank experience through the sleepy British countryside.

Commanding a purpose-built military behemoth is guaranteed to get the blood pumping. And flattening a car like a pancake is certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Here at Red Letter Days, we’re offering lucky adrenaline chasers unforgettable tank experience days that are a unique alternative to tearing up the tarmac in a supercar. They also set the scene for magical occasions – from birthdays to spontaneous surprises.

Action-packed Tank Driving Experiences

Asking yourself, where’s it possible to do a tank driving experience near me? Let us put that thought to rest with the textbook solution. From mini tanks to full-sized machines, there’s an arsenal of machinery ready to be put to the test. Head to one of our handpicked locations, settle in with a thorough safety briefing and take the driver’s seat to reach speeds of up to 60mph! Then see how an expert does it with a shotgun ride as passenger. Drive a GKN Sankey FV432 armoured personnel carrier, a Stormer mobile platform, FV433 Abbot SPG and more.

Drive an Army Tank

Get the ultimate driving thrill with a full monty army tank driving experience. Warm up to the main event with mortars and muskets, clay pigeon shooting and driving in a missile carrier, Supacat and an armoured personnel machine. The best driver of the day then gets to pilot a 56-ton Chieftain and crush a car!

Try Something New with a Mini Tank Experience

Join up to 12 friends for a military-themed day out on a mini tank driving adventure. Featuring tank tracks like the real deal, these one-person machines go anywhere they’re pointed – with haste! A fun alternative to go-karting or quad biking, our mini tank experiences allow children and adults alike to become the biggest of kids for the day.