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Helicopter Flights and Experiences

Get to the chopper! Helicopter flights give passengers an amazing view of the country, all whilst experiencing the amazing thrill of flight. From tours of London to lessons, there are scintillating experiences waiting for all amateur aviators on Red Letter Days.

Celebrate any occasion with a truly memorable flying experience. From 18th to 80th birthdays, these are the perfect gifts.

What Happens on a Helicopter Flight?

Head down to one of the centres located all over the UK to get started. On arrival, explorers are taken through a safety briefing. Then the pilot takes to the skies vertically, climbing up to 1,000 feet. Hovering above the country offers a view like no other.

Start with a Helicopter Lesson

Know a budding pilot looking to get in the air? Helicopter lessons give some much-needed time in the sky. It's the perfect introduction to flying with a professional pilot giving a full rundown of how to fly. After takeoff, wannabe flyers take control to complete an electrifying hover challenge. Time spent in some sessions can even count towards a private license!

Flight Locations

Half of the fun of a helicopter ride is the amazing view of the surrounding country. Visit Wales and get a 50-mile tour of beautiful sights, or head up to Perthshire in Scotland for a mountainous adventure. Tours of London show the sights of the capital, with all major landmarks visible. There's no better way to soak in the beautiful scenery of the UK.

Take on a Gyrocopter Experience

For something a little more unique, Gyrocopters are a truly thrilling mode of transport. They're a smaller, open-cockpit version of helicopters, exposing passengers to the elements at amazing heights!

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