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Surfing Lessons & Experiences

Learn to master the waves with a surfing experience from locations all over the UK. Not only is surfing a fantastic way to keep fit; surfing is known for the therapeutic effects of being active in water. Not forgetting the fact that it's seriously fun.

Surfing. The sport of riding the waves! And certainly, one of the most complex sports in the world. Research suggests that surfing dates back to the ancient Polynesian cultures. It is even believed that the chief of a tribe was the man who could surf the best. Those with a thirst for the water and a love for adventure will be spoilt for choice with our range of surfing sessions. Wiggle on a wetsuit, get out there and catch wave after wave. Our water-based activities make thoughtful gifts for active go-getters, and they're perfect for special events such as a 21st or 30th birthday.

Different Types of Surfing Experiences

For those who have never been on a board before, a beginner's surfing lesson is the best way to get accustomed to the waves. Spend some time getting to grips with the basic moves, including perfecting the paddle, learning to catch a wave and the all-important standing up techniques, before putting these newfound skills into motion.These surfing tasters can be tackled solo, as a pair or with a group. A fully-qualified instructor will always be on-hand to steer their students in the right direction. But remember the rules – don’t go stealing anyone else’s wave!The first rule to surfing is to never give up. Accomplish even more with multiple-day surfing experiences. With lessons split over a few days, it's the ideal short break for those who really want to hone their skills. Already know the basics? Go for an intermediate-level surfing course and work on more advanced techniques with professional surfing coaches.

What to Expect From a Surfing Experience

Surfing is a totally thrilling sport and can sometimes be a little dangerous. That’s why each adventure experience is conducted by an expertly-trained instructor, who’ll guide and take care of participants whilst in the water. Follow the safety briefing and instructions to make the most of the day. From reading the waves to learning how to ride them, discover a newfound respect and appreciation for the sport and get hooked on surfing!