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Spitfire Flying Experiences

Experience flying in a piece of history. Spitfire flying experiences put adventurers in a truly iconic warbird. The roar of the engine is something to behold and the aerobatic moves get the blood pumping. From dogfight simulations to the real thing, make lasting memories.

Struggling for gift ideas? These vintage flying sessions make the perfect presents for any occasion, from Christmas to 30th Birthdays. Whether they're a historian or love all things aviation, it's bound to be a flying experience they will remember.

What to Expect from a Spitfire Experience?

There's nothing like the real thing. A real Spitfire experience sees passengers strapped into these iconic British planes, ready to feel the pure power and hear the throaty roar of the engine as it takes flight. First, a trained pilot runs through a safety briefing and what to expect when in the air. Hurtling through the sky at amazing speeds in a historic aircraft is breath-taking. Take a tour along the English Channel, where many Battle of Britain dogfights took place in a time gone by. Sit back and enjoy the aerobatic flying, with loops and barrel rolls.

Realistic Simulators

Ever wanted to be in control of one of these warbirds? Climb into the pilot's seat with a simulation. This is the perfect way to get a feel for these famous RAF planes without even having to fly through the skies. Flying Simulators are built to perfect specifications. Passengers won't be able to tell the difference. Functioning gauges, working controls, HD visuals and a stunning surround-sound system creates a truly immersive environment. Looking for something more exhilarating? Dogfight simulators for two add a nail-biting edge. Take command of a Spitfire or Messerschmitt and take down the enemy. Chase the opposing plane and shoot it down, all whilst attempting to evade damage.