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Skydiving Experiences

Skydiving experiences and parachute jumps are truly unforgettable. From brave fledglings to daredevil thrill-seekers, there are adventure experiences for everyone.

Discover a whole host of exhilarating adventures, from indoor skydiving for those not quite ready to take the plunge, to jumping from a plane on a tandem skydive. Test a strong head for heights and dive into the action with our amazing skydiving gifts!

Skydiving Experiences for Couples

Stuck for wedding or anniversary gift ideas for a pair of thrill-seekers? An indoor skydiving session is perfect for a daring couple that’s keen to enjoy an adventure for two. Take the plunge with an indoor skydiving experience followed by a delicious meal at Prezzo or why not take the ultimate leap together on a bungee jump? Find a hair-raising way to create an even stronger bond!

Discover Epic Skydiving Gift Ideas

Experience the rush of leaping through the sky with an expert in a tandem skydive. The perfect birthday gift for an adventure lover, a tandem skydive involves jumping from a plane whilst harnessed up to a seasoned instructor. Dare to take the plunge with a skydiving experience and dive into the next exhilarating bucket-list adventure.

What to Expect on a Skydive

It’s natural to be full of anticipation before a jump. Once at the location, expect a detailed safety briefing from qualified experts. Slip into the provided equipment, travel to breathtaking heights and take a leap of faith. Parachute jump experiences create a sense of weightlessness, free falling from thousands of feet. The view of the countryside below gives a brand-new perspective of the UK’s scenery. To finish, the instructor deploys the parachute at a safe height, before returning carefully to solid ground.

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Skydiving and parachuting
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