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Love a proper challenge? Work against the clock in order to triumph with an escape room experience. Work as a team to beat mental and physical challenges in immersive-themed rooms.

These on-trend days out are the ultimate test of teamwork and puzzle-solving skills.Adventurous days out are only growing in popularity, making them the best way to treat an escape room pro for his or her birthday this year. Or turn a latecomer into an expert with an escape room gift for their 50th! Discover a diverse mix of escape rooms on offer, perfect for all the family. An escape room gift voucher is a fitting gift for any occasion and a great way to create shared memories that last a lifetime.

What to Expect from an Escape Room Experience

From start to finish, sessions are filled with fanfare and fancy. The instructors and guides offer a safety briefing then slip into their characters. Challengers are taken through the story of the room ahead. Haunted mansion? Missile launch? Egyptian tomb? There's something to excite every type of explorer. Use logical thinking, mathematical ability and puzzle skills to blitz through each section. Search every nook and cranny and don't forget to announce a discovery find to the team! Horror-themed sessions are textbook for those who love a nail-biting time. Got what it takes to make it out alive?

A Real 1990s Throwback

Test out both physical and mental skills at The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience! Fans of the retro show are sure to be enthralled. Don the satin bomber jackets and work as a team to smash solo challenges. With each win comes a treasured time crystal. Each one collected counts towards more time in The Crystal Dome! Teams can check the online leaderboards after to see weekly and all-time scores.

Escape Rooms for All the Family

Escape room experiences are available right across the UK. Choose from a number of family-friendly escape rooms, where kids and adults work together to solve the clues and emerge victorious before the clock hits zero. Enter the wonderful world of Wonderland and help the White Rabbit escape before it’s too late in the Alice in Wonderland VR adventure. Or delve into a world of magic and unravel the spellbinding mysteries that await in the All in a Muggle escape room – a bewitching experience for kids and adults alike.

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