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Whether the kids dream of being a secret agent or racing driver, make their wishes come true with our brilliant range of kids and family activities and kids adventure days.
Our specially designed experience gifts for children or families include kids driving days, kids watersports, football coaching, snowboarding and even cooking classes. Any of these fun experience days for children make the perfect birthday gift or are a great way to keep the little ones busy during school holidays.

From spending hours glued to the TV screen or never being seen without some kind of games console in their hands, kids are often immersed in the world of technology. Gone are the days of children playing hop scotch or hide and seek in the street. Why not let the kids try some new experiences by checking out the range of fun ideas on Red Letter Days? You never know, they may never get their Xbox 360 out again!

Whether it’s Justin Bieber or Katy Perry, kids love their music and can often be seen singing with a hairbrush/TV remote in front of the mirror. Great for birthday parties, let your child take a group of friends to a recording studio to create their very own CD to take home. It might then be played over and over again for the next month - but don’t let that put you off!

For children with a passion for wildlife, check out the various animal experiences available. From acting as a human climbing frame in the meerkat enclosure to getting up-close and personal with amazing owls to riding a horse across the countryside, kids will love finding out about these different animals - especially when all they’ve been used to is feeding the pet goldfish once a day.

If the most exhilarating driving experience your child has had is sat in the back seat as Mum drives over the speed bumps, they’re guaranteed to be amazed by our driving days. Getting behind the wheel of the ferocious Lamborghini Gallardo is sure to be something they’ll remember forever, while a go-karting session allows them to put their foot down and show their competitive side.

From getting to grips with the most powerful cars to singing their heart out in the recording studio, Red Letter Days lets kids have fun again.