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Segway Experiences

Light-hearted, off-road fun for the family on a self-balancing mode of transport. Segway experiences are a great way to explore the countryside, tackling any type of terrain with ease.

From a Segway rally experience for two, to a meandering Segway guided tour across the comfort of smooth ground.Give someone the gift of exploration and the chance to ride through the countryside on one of these thrilling machines. Whether it’s a 16th birthday present for a daring teen or a 40th birthday surprise for a seasoned explorer, Segway adventure days are the perfect off-road excursion.

How Does a Segway Work?

Put on the protective gear, climb on and get going. Driving one of these self-balancing gizmos is super fun and easy to learn. Riders are automatically kept upright and perfectly balanced at all times. This paired with the smooth ride creates a feeling similar to hovering!

Thrilling Segway Rallies Near Me

Know someone who loves a challenge, but unconvinced by the ‘Segway experience near me’ results, online? Red Letter Days is the next and last word in amazing Segway days out. A Segway rally experience with an off-road track puts end-to-end driving abilities to the test, taking on tight corners, twists and a range of obstacles. Even with electronic stability, it's an adrenaline-inducing ride.

Fun Segway Tours for Two

Segway tours are a touch less intense. These leisurely drives guide explorers through iconic locations, introducing a fun level of speed to sightseeing. Start with a safety briefing and tuition from an expert and learn how to safely pilot these self-balancing machines. Perhaps take a trip to Poole for a tour of the idyllic Upton Country Park estate and head into the Grove Woods for a more exciting ride. Make a full day of this adventure experience by adding afternoon tea. Zoom around the stunning grounds of the manor and top it off with fresh scones and jam, finger sandwiches and a pot of freshly brewed tea.