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Into all things aquatic? How about high-speed pursuits? Powerboat, speedboat and RIB experiences mix the two seamlessly, promising a truly exhilarating ride and memories to last a lifetime for all involved.

Satisfy a need for speed whilst appeasing the inner seafarer with our handpicked collection of the best watersport days out up and down the UK. Whether it’s a birthday, special occasion or a surprise for a budding captain, we’ve covered all bases with a spectacular gift to match.


Feel the wind and water zoom past with a fun-filled watersport session on a powerboat. Sprint across the water at speeds of up to 120mph and feel a rush like no other – perfect for adrenaline junkies and seasoned mariners. From fabulous guided tours along the River Thames to open-ocean adventures, there’s a powerboat experience to suit all itineraries, locations and tastes.

RIB Blasts

Experience the white-knuckle ride with a RIB experience on the river or high seas. Hold on tight as the boat twists and turns at eye-watering speeds. The lightweight design allows for amazing manoeuvrability, tight turns, swell riding and incredible stunt-like jumps.