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Sailing Experiences

Know a lifelong lover of the ocean? Quench the thirst for aquatic activities with our incredible selection of bespoke sailing experiences.

From fast-paced racing to tranquil, lazy afternoons on a luxurious sailboat, there’s a water experience for every type of sailor or budding explorer with a sense of adventure in their heart. The perfect way to soak up the beauty and mesmerising coastline the UK has to offer, a plethora of opportunity awaits – whether it’s a birthday, on the bucket list or a spontaneous treat for the whole family.

Sailing Day Trips

Get away from the stresses of the everyday and spend a day cruising along the shoreline on a sailboat for a slice of peace and serenity. An experienced captain will teach the ins and outs of the vessel – from steering and points of sail to helming. Sit back and enjoy the serene view of the coastline on a hazy summer's day, as the world goes slowly by. For something truly delectable, an afternoon sailing session with afternoon tea for two adds an extra dose of luxury to an already premium pursuit. Making for a truly pleasurable day out in the glorious outdoors.

Sailboat Racing

Need a dose of extra excitement? An extreme sailing race experience gives a taste of what it's like in a high-speed race on the open sea against a competitive set of remarkable sailboats. It's all-hands-on-deck to work in unison to try to beat the competition!