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Flight Simulator Experiences

Experience the thrills of flying a plane without leaving the ground with a flight simulator experience. Flight simulators are the training grounds of professional pilots. Budding aviators get time at the helm of an aircraft in complete safety, with lifelike motion, feedback and controls creating true immersion.

Flying simulator experiences create amazing memories and make the perfect gifts for a variety of occasions. Leave a lasting mark on a plane enthusiast's 50th birthday, or commemorate someone's sweet 16th in style.

What's Included with a Flight Simulator Experience?

A flight simulator session is the best way to take command of a plane without being in the air. There's none of the danger, but all of the excitement. An expert tutor sits with amateur aviators, offering full training on how to operate the controls. They actually feel like the real thing. Amazing HD screens, motion displays and live weather conditions work to create a truly immersive environment. Real plane parts and a vibrating deck only add to the realism.

Spitfire Simulator Experiences

Find out what it's like to fly a Spitfire, a world-famous model. Historians and flying enthusiasts alike are bound to get butterflies when piloting one of these iconic RAF models. Hop inside a replica plane and enjoy the amazing HD graphics and immersive surround-sound system. Functioning gauges and controls add further realism to the flight. After being taught the basics, explorers take off, fly and land. Start off at a World War Two airfield in either the UK or France and zip through the sky.Dogfight sessions for two introduce explorers to aerial combat. This nail-biting experience pits two pilots against each other in the air, chasing, shooting at and evading the other plane.

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