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Cooking Classes & Workshops

For lovers of all things Japanese, sushi-making classes give some great experience preparing tasty bites. Create a range of stunning dishes with fresh ingredients, then dig in at the end. Those who dream of working their way to itamae status, look no further.

It’s the ideal gift for foodies and couples alike, teaching skills passed down for hundreds of years to make the perfect plate.

YO! Sushi Lessons

Learn the basics at one of the UK’s many YO! Sushi restaurants. An experienced chef teaches all new-comers the basics. From here, students of sushi give it their all to create delicate inside-out rolls, nigiri, temaki and maki dishes. A hands-on session helps to prepare ingredients, before letting the hungry students enjoy their culinary creations. Then take home a certificate, instruction booklet and rolling mat to continue crafting these tasty delights in the kitchen.

Masterclass Sessions

Take a masterclass in this Asian delight. Expert guidance through every step of the way ensures that every cut and roll is perfect. All the while delicious traditional sake, hot and cold, keeps the creativity flowing.Get the kids in the kitchen with a class designed just for children. Young cooking enthusiasts get to hone their skills crafting delectable dishes under the supervision of world-class chefs.

Sushi Courses Across the UK

Our hand-chosen drinks and dining experiences are located throughout the UK. Go to The Jamie Oliver Cookery School to master methods used by one of the country’s most famous chefs. Or take in a cookery course at Buddha-Bar and learn techniques from the head chef. Learn to make this delicacy in London, Wales, the Midlands, the North and beyond.