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Indeed, a great British invention, the hovercraft was designed and developed by English engineer Sir Christopher Cockerell. These impressive machines can operate on sea as well as on land, whilst large versions of these are frequently used as ferries by the military. For an adventure unlike any other, board this multifunctional machine for a hovercraft experience – perfect for all thrill seekers and lovers of the sea. Get the chance to handle one of these impressive amphibious machines or use them as a starting point for an adventurous getaway. Once the art of propelling has been mastered, immerse in heart-pounding racing for an unmissable day out. 

Give an unforgettable gift with these exhilarating days out. Whether it's an 18th birthday present for an adventurous teen, or a 40th birthday surprise for an adrenaline junkie, the opportunity to drive one of these iconic machines is bound to excite.

What to Expect From a Hovercraft Experience

Receive one-to-one tuition from an expert instructor before experiencing the surprising speed of a hovercraft. After feeling comfortable with the controls, it's time to embark on a rapid adventure. Put skills and courage to the ultimate test whilst competing in an adrenaline-pumping race!

Rally Driving and Skid Panning

We have a range of hovercraft adventure experiences to choose from. First-timers can learn the ropes with private lessons, where they’ll receive one-on-one guidance from a professional and attempt to drift on a lake for an alternative watersports session. Take it one step further with a spot of friendly competition. Fly around a specially-designed course, tackling all the twists and turns whilst racing for the fastest time. Or leave the driving up to the professionals and simply enjoy the ride with a trip across the Solent to the Isle of Wight. Reach the scenic island in just 10 minutes, leaving plenty of time to explore the sandy beaches and quaint shops, before zooming back to shore in style.