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The Crystal Maze Live Experience

Looking for old-school fun? Throw it back to the 1990s with an immersive Crystal Maze experience. Giving long-time fans a chance to try their hand at the infamous challenges.

Work with a team, blitz through the familiar zones and enjoy interactive elements. Got what it takes? Gather some friends and come and find out!

Crystal Maze Experience in London & Manchester

Choose from the London or Manchester location for a franticly fun time with family, friends or work colleagues. There's no better way to celebrate a fan's 30th birthday than with this adventure experience. Or introduce the younger generation to this cult TV show for a sweet 16th. The Crystal Maze Live Experience offers a sublime combination of non-stop laughter, team building and rewarding accomplishment.

Visit The Crystal Maze for an Unforgettable Date Night

For a unique date night with a creative twist, The Crystal Maze Live Experience offers couples the perfect chance to show just how compatible and well they work together as a team. If there’s an upcoming anniversary without plans, act quick. Add refreshing cocktails to the occasion, or take home a memento by choosing the free souvenir crystal option, perhaps? Our bespoke experiences inside The Crystal Maze exquisitely suit a couple’s adventurous evening out – offering added romance and a thoughtful touch.

What to Expect Inside The Crystal Maze

A Maze Master will guide challengers through four interactive zones, where teams will face complex tasks and games. Discover how many challenges can be beaten through problem solving and excellent teamwork, in a bid to clinch as many crystals as possible. Keep the momentum going through different zones: Industrial, Futuristic, Medieval and Aztec. Each member of the team will undertake tasks, challenging both mental grit and physical stamina. Once locked in each room, it’s a race against time to complete the game in hand and win a crystal. Make it to the end with as many wins as possible for extra precious time in The Crystal Dome. Grab as many tickets as possible to win! Afterwards, keep an eye on the online leaderboard to see where the team’s valiant effort sits in the weekly and all-time scores.