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Monster Truck Driving Experiences

Buckle up and brace for adventure. Monster truck driving experiences take thrill-seeking to the next level.

Tackle perilous terrain in a customised 4x4 or get a taste of Americana behind the wheel of a monster truck. It’s a far cry from a track day on smooth tarmac. Off-road driving days offer a taste of the more daring side of motoring. There are monster truck driving experiences like these located across the country for people who revel in tapping into their adventurous side.

Daredevil Driving Days

Want to be the next Evel Knievel? Always wanted to perform daring stunts and jaw-dropping feats? Climb up the oversized wheels and take control of a monster truck. Sitting in the cabin of one of these behemoths is sure to fill even the most seasoned driver with adrenaline. Put the pedal to the metal and power through terrain that most vehicles wouldn’t be able to handle. Or imagine thousands of people cheering in the crowd whilst bulldozing over tiny cars. Nothing stands in the way of these mechanical beasts.

Smaller Models to Massive Monster Truck Driving

Get a taste for the different sizes of machines with a day spent testing out various vehicles. From smaller road-legal models to oversized novelty beasts, there’s something for all tastes. The massive models, with wheels larger than most people, easily roll over and crumple cars. Powering over smaller vehicles is guaranteed to get the blood pumping, whether sitting in the back or strapped into the front seat. Models with smaller wheels can tackle any type of terrain with ease. From large muddy hills to rocky paths, nothing is too tricky for one of these off-road powerhouses.

How to Book a Monster Truck Experience

Booking a monster truck experience with Red Letter Days is easy! If a special someone is obsessed with monster trucks, look no further. They’ll be behind the wheel in no time. Select "Buy Voucher" to purchase an open voucher. The majority of our vouchers have a 12-month validity period. After receiving the voucher, log in to to book a date and time that suits.