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Wing Walking & Aerobatic Flying Experiences

Stare fear in the face with an unforgettable wing walking and aerobatic flying experience. Strap onto the wings of a biplane and hurtle through the skies or get taken for a thrill ride by a professional pilot in an iconic Spitfire. There’s really nothing else like it.

Struggling for gift ideas? These one of a kind flying experiences are perfect for treating a daredevil on his birthday or celebrating a wannabe stuntman's 30th.

Wing Walking

Strap in and hold on tight. Wing walking is something special. Arrive at the location, found all across the UK, for an initial briefing. A professional walker gives safety training and answers any questions. Thrill-seekers choose whether the pilot performs dips or dives on the ten-minute flight. Once strapped in, it's go-time. After sprinting up to speed on the runway, the plane takes flight. Keep those eyes open! Don't forget to take in idyllic surroundings whilst hurtling through the air at speeds of up to 150mph.

Stunt Flights

Stunt experiences give revelers a taste of aerobatic skills. Enjoy the stunning choreography, including stall turns, loops and rolls. Passengers even get the chance to handle the controls with strict instruction from the pilot. Think of it like the most exciting flying lesson ever.

Air Combat

Move over, Maverick. Be a part of a dogfight with an aerial combat session. Stunning stunts get the blood pumping and a high-speed chase with another plane simulates a mile-high fight. Passengers are then given full control to chase the enemy plane.