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Gyrocopter Experiences

Zoom around the skies with a gyrocopter experience. These lightweight aircrafts look fragile but are super stable and manoeuvrable. The open cockpit makes riding in one of these machines truly exhilarating. Wannabe aviators are guaranteed to leave with a smile.

Celebrate any special occasion with the gift of lasting memories. These flying experiences make the perfect gift, from 21st birthdays to Christmas presents for her.

What to Expect from a Gyrocopter?

There's no better way to get a taste for aviation whilst enjoying a panoramic view of the country than with a gyrocopter experience. Head down to a flight centre for a safety briefing and learn how these quirky machine work. A trained pilot takes passengers through everything before boarding.Suit up, hop aboard and strap in. After a short sprint down the runway, the gyrocopter begins to take flight. This is a truly unforgettable moment as the cockpit is fully open. The pilot flies around using different techniques and even offers over control of the aircraft, weather permitting. Flying has never been so fun and easy. Closed-cockpit models are closer to plane or helicopter experiences. A closed cabin keeps out the elements and allows for more exciting manoeuvres, as well as better aerodynamics.

Gyrocopter Flying Locations

These fun days out are found in Perthshire, Scotland, giving a brand new perspective of the county’s picturesque scenery. Climb aboard one of these micro machines for a tour of the mountainous Scottish landscape and take in the stunning views.