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Experience the thrill of flight. Fasten up and get going with a flyboarding experience. This is the perfect gift idea for wannabe-superheroes and thrill-seekers alike. Those who are strapped in fly into the air through the power of a jet stream, a truly unforgettable experience.

Where can I go Flyboarding?

These hand-picked adventure activities give a taste of what it’s like to levitate. Available wherever there’s water, these watersports experiences are located across the UK from London to the Midlands and beyond.

What is Flyboarding?

This technology is the next step in the world of extreme watersports. Building on the waterjet propulsion system, users are given even more freedom and flexibility. After receiving training, donning a wetsuit and strapping in, anything is possible. A fully trained instructor shows how to make the most of this exciting technology, before handing over the reins. Water is propelled from the flyboard back into the water, elevating users up to ten metres in the air! Change the angle of the board to move back and forward and master the art of flying. Models with hand propulsion are available too, giving even better control. It’s never been easier to look and feel like a real-life Iron Man. Jump on a jet bike for something a touch easier. Like a mixture between a jet ski and a motorbike, it can glide up to 40 feet in the air at high speeds. Take to the air solo or join up with a friend with an activity for two. Enjoy the UK coastline in one of these real-life jetpacks, or go for something inland for a ride in a lake.

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