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Paddleboarding Experiences

Get out on the open water and enjoy one of a range of paddleboarding experiences. It combines techniques from both surfing and kayaking for the best of both worlds. Those new to the water and seasoned explorers alike will have plenty of paddling fun.

As one of the latest adventure activities to hit the watersports scene, it’s ideal for an adventurous day out and a brilliant way to celebrate a special occasion. Let someone give paddleboarding a go for their 16th or treat a go-getter for their 60th birthday.

What to Expect with Paddleboarding?

Meet the instructor and get acquainted with the equipment, including a wetsuit and life vest. After a short safety briefing, prepare to make a real splash in the water. Begin with kneeling and paddling, and then move onto standing and steering. Beginners learn how to properly navigate and manoeuvre at a leisurely pace. Caught the paddle-bug? Learn more advanced skills like rescue techniques and practical safety knowledge. Begin to develop skills and paddle like a pro.

Learn to Paddleboard in the UK

Take in the idyllic surroundings of the UK whilst enjoying a variety of exciting waterways, from quiet country canals to exciting London routes. Head down to the Capital for a session on one of the most well-known rivers in the country, the River Thames. Or paddle around the Paddington Basin for an amazing view of Central London. Head down to Devon for a fun-filled day out on the coastline. Float over to Lundy Island and explore its caves and coves. Adventurers can observe fascinating wildlife and beautiful scenery. It's the perfect way to spend a summer's day.