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Ariel Atom Driving Experiences

What makes an Ariel Atom so unique? Is it the high performance and handling? The doorless, roofless design? Perhaps it’s the supercar speeds matched with everyday usability on the open road. The answer is all the above and much, much more.

Know a car enthusiast looking for an incredible driving adventure? Look no further than our Ariel Atom driving experiences that put petrolheads being the wheel of a dreamy Ariel Atom with state-of-the-art F1 capabilities. Whether it’s a special occasion like a birthday, anniversary or just an impulsive treat, we’ve got just the driving experience to set their hearts racing and spark the imagination of anyone searching out the ultimate driving dream.

What to Expect in an Ariel Atom?

Pick up all the tips and tricks from an expert with a briefing and passenger ride to study the optimum racing line and mode of attack – whilst hanging on tight! Then put driver skill, technique and bravery to the test, accelerating at 0–60 in under three seconds sat in the hot seat! Carve through the winding twisties, master last-minute braking and rocket down the home straight to victory. Got what it takes to be an F1 driver? We’ll find out.

Famous UK Tracks

The natural amphitheatre at Brands HatchOulton Park’s British Superbike Championship and BTCC allure. Goodwood’s nostalgic racing heritage and homage to the glory days with the Festival of Speed. Silverstone’s status as home to Formula One and British motorsport. Whatever fabled tarmac gets the adrenaline flowing, our collection of top UK racetracks meets the needs of all types of drivers and capabilities – from track newbies to hardened racers.