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Donington Park Track Days

Fuel a racing enthusiast’s passion for burning rubber with a chance to test the straights and corners of one of the most internationally renowned driving circuits.

Donington Park is home to many well-known motoring fixtures, including the iconic British Motorcycle Grand Prix.As one of the most renowned circuits in the UK, Donington is an unbeatable location to put a line-up of superior vehicles through their paces. Prepare for a memorable driving experience that makes the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for a petrolhead.

The Historic Donington Park Circuit

Donington Park is a front runner when it comes to historically significant race circuits. Its hallowed tarmac is where Ayrton Senna claimed victory as the winner of the 1993 Grand Prix. Take the wheel of a classic single-seater car or drive a slick Aston Martin and take on the same track graced by a number of driving legends. Test those driving skills along this specially designed track. Tackle the tight corners, hairpin bends and super long straights in a trial of motoring ability and attempt to join the ranks of world-famous racers.

Supercar Driving at Donington Park

Feel the incredible rush of a supercar and hit the track at Donington Park for a thrilling drive in a sporty Italian Lamborghini or put a stallion to the test with a Ferrari driving thrill. There are an exciting range of supercars just waiting to be experienced. Arrive at the race track and prepare to live the ultimate driving dream. Following some top tips from a trained professional, slip into the driver’s seat or prepare for a hair-raising passenger lap.