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Rally Driving & Drifting Experiences

Burn some serious rubber with rally driving, drifting and skid control experiences.

These exhilarating sessions teach drivers all the essential techniques and skills required to control a vehicle in a number of different scenarios – from Scandinavian flicks to high-speed drifts. From first-time drivers to seasoned motorheads with a passion for off-road rally adventures, we have a gift ready and waiting to create lasting memories, tailor-made with all driving abilities and occasions in mind.

Rally Driving Experiences

Track racing takes a suitable amount of commitment and skill, but rally driving is a completely new ball game altogether. Driving through a gravel forest on the edge of control with trees flying by at mind-bending speeds whilst a co-driver shouts last-minute instructions, takes a superhuman breed of character. Not to mention an immortal level of bravery.Hop into the co-driver seat of a purpose-built rally machine to receive a masterclass from a professional instructor, before switching over to the driver’s seat to put newfound knowledge to the test. Follow the instructor's guidance throughout the tricky stages to make it to the end as quickly and safely as possible.

Drift Car Experience

Take to the tarmac and learn to perform and control a drift properly. Pick up the basics and master the ultimate form of self-expression behind the wheel under the supervision of a trained instructor. After spending the day learning the Japanese driving art and becoming the next drift king, it's time to switch seats and hand over the wheel for a seasoned pro to display the ultimate mix of speed, angle and proximity.

Skid Pan Training

Prepare for those cold winter months that go hand-in-hand with tricky driving conditions and learn how to control a vehicle on a skid pan. Specially built skid pan training courses mimic the effects of ice and aquaplaning, showing participants how to stay safe in hazardous conditions.

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