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Gliding Experiences

Cruise through the air with a gliding experience. This tranquil version of flying uses aerodynamics to keep the aircraft going. Gliders? Microlights? Hang gliding? There’s no better way to get such a stunning view of the country’s scenery in relaxing peace and quiet.

Give the gift of flight this holiday season with a flying experience as a Christmas present for her or celebrate someone's 50th birthday in style.

Glider Flying

These sessions are an elegant take on flying. An initial safety briefing precedes passengers boarding, with the glider being towed by a light plane into the air. After reaching 2,000 feet, the aircraft is let loose. The pilot uses thermal currents to keep moving, circling above beautiful sights. Amateur aviators can try their hand at being the pilot too, guiding the aircraft through the sky.

Hang Gliding

Looking for something a touch more exhilarating? Strap in and hold on with a session hang gliding. Jump off a hill to get going. Reach up to 1,200 feet whilst dangling from the frame and feeling the wind blowing past. This is one of the closest experiences to actually being airborne.


Take to the skies in a tiny microlight! These nimble machines offer an open-air flight, using a motorised propellor for power. Sit back and enjoy the amazing maneuverability afforded by the lightweight, flexible design. Pilot permitting, passengers may even get a chance to take control of this micromachine. Time spent in these machines can even be put towards a private licence!