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Microlight Experiences

Don a flying hat and pair of Aviators. Microlight experiences get passengers high in the sky in an open-air machine, ideal for daredevils and lovers of all things aerial. There’s no better way to become an intrepid explorer than with a flight in these micromachines.

Stuck for gift ideas? These flying experiences are the perfect way to mark a special occasion, from 18th to 80th birthdays. Take off from various locations spread across the country and enjoy the sight of the British countryside.

What's Included On a Microlight Flight?

A trained pilot runs passengers through a detailed safety brief before taking to the skies. After being strapped in securely, the motor kicks in and the aircraft builds speed. Ascend to heights of up to 2,000 feet and reach top speeds of around 60mph. Some sessions even allow the passenger to take control, gliding the microlight through the air themselves. This experience counts towards a private licence, perfect for amateur aviators. Choose from fixed wing or flex wing models. Fixed wing aircraft are closer to lighter planes, whilst those with flex wings are essentially a motorised hang glider with an open cabin.

Microlight Flying Locations

With locations all over the UK, these gliding experiences give thrill-seekers a stunning view of the country. Head up to Perthshire to soar above the beautiful mountains of Scotland or get down to Devon for a sea-filled flight along the English Riviera.