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Vintage Flying Experiences

Vintage flying experiences put intrepid explorers in the cockpit of an iconic plane. Hop in a Firefly, board a Tiger Moth, experience flying in a Spitfire, or enjoy a sightseeing tour in a biplane. Both history buffs and wannabe aviators will leave with memories to last a lifetime.

Enjoy the tummy-tingling turns of an aerobatic session or delight in a guided tour from above, these flying experiences are the ideal gift for any occasion. Make his birthday something to remember, or give the gift of flight as a Christmas present for her this year.

Classic Aircraft Flying

Light classic aircraft rides put explorers in the passenger seat. Sit back and relax as the pilot glides through the sky in a vintage plane. The view of the countryside is really something else. Some sessions allow co-pilots to try their hand at manning the controls, providing the ultimate flying experience.

Aerobatic Flights

Appease the inner Evel Knievel with an aerobatic flight through the skies. Suit up, strap in and hold on. Trained stunt pilots hurtle through the air, performing stunning choreography, including stall-turns, barrel rolls and loop the loops!

Tours and Historical Experiences

Get a taste for flying in a historic icon whilst enjoying the stunning sights of the UK. A 75-minute biplane tour of London flies passengers over the Capital. The landmarks are breathtaking from this bird's-eye view.

Spitfire Flying Experience

Looking for a real historical adventure? A session in a Spitfire plane is sure to amaze. The sound of the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine and the feeling of flight is exhilarating. Or follow in the footsteps of the famous Dambusters, 617 Squadron, soaring over the practise sites for the innovative bouncing-bomb mission.