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Adrenaline Junkie Hotspots

These Are the Best Locations for Adrenaline Junkies This Summer

If you’re on the lookout for some thrill-seeking fun this summer, after months of staying indoors and powering through all of Netflix’s latest releases, then look no further.

Using our own data, we’ve found the top 10 locations for adrenaline-pumping experiences and fun-packed adventures across the UK, so you can plan an exciting summer filled with endless activities (you’re welcome!).

If you, like many of us, are planning staycations and camping trips instead of jetting off abroad this year, you’ll want to make sure there’s plenty to do and keep you entertained no matter what the British weather throws at us.

To help you plan your summer staycation, we’ve unveiled the top 10 hot spots for adrenaline junkies and the activities that will get your heart rate pumping.

If you’re planning to visit any of the top destinations, here’s our guide to some of the most exciting activities in each area.

These Are the Best Locations for Adrenaline Junkies This Summer

1 Yorkshire

Coming in strong at number one is none other than God’s own country. That’s right, Yorkshire has been crowned the UK’s most thrilling location for adrenaline junkies! We know what you’re thinking – how can sleepy, gravy-loving Yorkshire be more thrilling than the bright lights of London or the Helter Skelter in Blackpool? Never mind bumper cars, in Yorkshire you can drive a JCB!

Believe it or not, Yorkshire is filled with fun activities – and a wide variety, at that. If you fancy yourself a pilot and want to feel the thrill of controlling your own plane, the 90-Minute Flight Stimulator is the experience for you. Or, if you want to really feel the wind through your hair and look over the golden Yorkshire fields from above, why not try hot air ballooning or a helicopter flight? Both thrilling experiences can be made all the sweeter, by having the option to upgrade with Champagne or cream tea. Who wouldn’t want to watch the sunrise from the sky with a glass of bubbly in hand?

2 Kent

Famously known as the Garden of England, Kent has come in strong as the second most thrilling location in the UK – as it happens, it has much more exciting things to offer than Wimbledon’s strawberry supply. Amongst the rich greenery of southern Kent, lies a host of different things to do if you’re looking for a thrill.

Have you always wanted to freefall, but are too afraid to take the leap from a plane? Have no fear, in Kent you can experience skydiving indoors! Get that g-force going by flying high with an instructor, before enjoying a delicious three-course meal with a well-deserved glass of wine, courtesy of Prezzo. However, if that’s a little too much effort and you fancy sitting back from above, why not fly high over the conical roofs of Kent with a helicopter ride for two?

3 Essex

Though Essex is often known for its association with TOWIE and its nightlife, its ever-stretching coastline and rich history proceeds it – with bountiful activities to offer, this county has rightly stolen third place.

Do you have a head for heights? Test courage and endurance with a high ropes challenge in Essex. Tackle six exhilarating courses across three challenging levels, from a 10-metre climbing wall to a thrilling zip wire! Or, if you want to try something that involves working in a team, why don’t you try an escape room? Alongside flying experiences and much more, Essex really is an exciting place to visit.

4 Surrey

Boasting the highest point in the South East and known for being the most wooded county in England, Surrey is no stranger to exhilarating outdoor activities. That being so, it’s no surprise that it’s come in firmly at number four. Fancy going full Tarzan and swinging from a few branches? The Tree Top Challenge at Go Ape is the perfect way to experience the famous woodland of Surrey from a height.

Want to go even higher? Enjoy a stunning aerobatic experience flight in a modern light Cessna 152 aerobat. This ride can be as chilled or utterly stomach-churning as you like, the choice is yours. If you’d rather experience speed from the ground, why not try the Ferrari and Lamborghini driving thrill experience? Nothing says fly quite like a Ferrari ...

5 Sussex

Possibly one of the most picturesque areas of the UK and home to World’s End, the very scenic county of Sussex has taken the fifth spot in our rankings – marking the halfway point. I mean, who wouldn’t want to take a hot air balloon ride at sunset over the iconic coasts of Sussex?

If you fancy something a little more culture-soaked, why not drink in the sights of Sussex with an i360 flight? Designed by the masterminds behind the London Eye, begin on a high with a trip up and away with the British Airways i360 – which boasts the panoramic views of Brighton's seaside.

6 Herefordshire

Famous for its fruit and cider production, as well as its cattle breed, Herefordshire has more strings to its bow than agriculture – it seems that it also is a great place for an exhilarating visit. From driving experiences to flying fun, Herefordshire has a lot to offer.

Do you envy stuntmen and want to try out some daredevil moves yourself? Sign yourself up to the stunt driving experience. Led by experienced driving instructors, this adrenaline-fuelled activity teaches the essential techniques and skills used by stunt drivers universally. Or, if you’d rather learn how to fly high, why not try a flying lesson? Chocks away!

7 Cheshire

Known for its racecourse and production of cheese and chalk, Cheshire is also home to several hair-raising activities and days out. Taking the title of the seventh most thrilling place in the UK, Cheshire has more to it than jockeys and cheddar.

Experience the agriculturally rich scenery of Cheshire in the messiest way possible, with the Mud Ignition 4x4 Off Road Driving Experience. What says thrilling more than going full throttle in a mighty Land Rover and churning through muddy puddles and over uneven ground? Or, if you’d rather stay clean whilst getting your kicks, we recommend going bungee jumping! Let the wind howl and freefall down 300ft – you’ll even get to show off how brave you are by going home with a video of your experience.

8 Hampshire

Responsible for producing the nation's watercress, we can assure you that Hampshire houses far richer flavours, in the form of fun activities, than that of its defining herb ...

While it may be far away from a warm, tropical ocean, you can quench your desire to scuba dive in Hampshire. Take your first steps as a budding diver with their experienced instructors. However, if you’d rather stay on land and would rather not put your head under water, why not go full fancy and take a driving lesson in a Bentley? Fast and stylish, the Bentley Flying Spur can do an impressive 0–60mph in around five seconds.

9 Cambridgeshire

Coming in the penultimate place is none other than one of England’s cleverest counties, Cambridgeshire. From Charles Darwin to Sir Isaac Newton, Cambridge University has been home to many inspirational figures. Aside from its Oxbridge ties, Cambridgeshire is also an amazing place to try something new and stimulating.

Why not climb aboard a dual-controlled glider with an expert instructor and try an introduction to gliding? Take control of the glider all by yourself and take in the breathtaking views of the Cambridgeshire countryside below you. If you’d rather share a memorable experience with your lover, then we recommend going for the Lovers' Leap Bungee Jump. Take the plunge with your special someone and get that blood pumping.

10 Lancashire

Last, but certainly not least, comes the home to the hotpot – Lancashire. Finishing in tenth place, Lancashire appears to be more than just masters of mutton and moreish potatoes.

Far from its old English reputation, you can now go full futuristic in Lancashire by having a go at the zombie infection experience. Enjoy a day out with friends, and practice cunning teamwork to defeat a zombie horde. You’ll be sure to emerge unscathed and victorious. Or, if that is too thrilling even for a thrill-seeker, we recommend trying the stunning experience of a microlight flying. Hop aboard a nippy, lightweight microlight and experience an airborne adventure!