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Helicopter Lessons

Get to grips with the basics of flight with a helicopter flying lesson. This breath-taking flying experience is the perfect introduction to aerial pursuits. Learn how to control a full-sized aircraft or hop aboard a nimble gyrocopter. Either way, memories will be made.

There's no better gift for an aspiring aviator. Make her Christmas this year or commemorate someone's 21st birthday with a truly memorable day out.

Learn to Pilot a Helicopter

Learn the basics of helicopter flying, starting with a safety briefing. Board the aircraft and watch as the instructor shows how to move in all directions, as well as how to hover. Stay focused as the pilot gives over control, using the techniques learnt earlier. Relish the view from above whilst gaining the skills needed to control a chopper. This time in the air even counts towards a private licence. Choose from 20, 30 and 60-minute sessions to satisfy the hunger for flight. Or, go for a tactical session that teaches more advanced techniques. Take control of the helicopter in an exhilarating hover challenge, putting newly learnt skills to the test. Got what it takes? Let's find out.

Gyrocopter Lessons

Head to new heights with a gyrocopter lesson. Smaller and featuring an open design, they're highly nimble. Feel the wind rush past as the pilot offers training. Then take command and enjoy the pure thrill of hurtling through the sky. Located in the idyllic Perthshire countryside, high-flyers soak up the stunning views of Scotland from a brand new perspective.