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Zorbing & Sphereing Experiences

Immerse in a rip-roaring day out featuring the latest craze of adventure activities with our sphering and zorbing experiences. Revel in the unique rush of catapulting down the great British countryside, smiling ear to ear in an inflatable PVC ball at speeds of up to 30mph!

Whether shopping for an impromptu surprise for an adventurous couple, or a Christmas present for him or her, our collection offers truly unforgettable moments of fun for all experience lovers.

What Is a Zorb?

After harnessing up and adjusting securely into position, it’s time to discover the wild thrills of rolling, spinning and bouncing across the landscapes in a zorbing ball. Enjoy the downhill ride of a lifetime on a purpose-built course – offering safe, controlled fun and nets that catch careering daredevils at the bottom.

Water Zorbing & Sphering

Already experienced the thrill of zorbing experience days on dry land and love watersports like flyboarding? Grab a fellow thrill-seeker and get the ball rolling on a water zorbing encounter that’ll be impossible to forget. Add a generous amount of water into the zorb and experience uncontrollable laughter all the way down to the bottom of the course. Grapple for traction whilst slipping and sliding around in a human-sized, washing machine spin cycle!

Zorbing Experiences for Two

Stuck for an anniversary gift idea for a pair of eccentric daredevils? Vouch for a zorbing experience, which provides the same thrills, giggles and stomach butterflies found on the best-loved amusement park rides. Strap in with a partner and let the shrieks and laughs commence.