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Climbing & Abseiling Experiences & Lessons

Wonder what it takes to become the next Bear Grylls? Looking for an exhilarating activity in the great outdoors? Ascend to dizzying heights in mountainous regions or scale a wall in a controlled indoor environment with climbing and abseiling experiences.

Each of these adventure days offers training and supervision throughout, ensuring that all taking part are safe, secure and enjoying themselves at all times. Scale actual rock faces at insane heights or take a stroll up the iconic O2 building and enjoy a stunning view of the country’s capital city.

Treetop Adventures

Treetop courses are perfect for those who love tackling obstacles, with the added excitement of being tens of metres high. Get up the initial ladder to begin a challenging course made up of swings, balance beams and a heart-racing zip line to finish. Get to the nearest Go Ape and beat the course in record time, or head down to Zip World.

Climb the O2 Arena

For something less physically demanding but equally as impressive, take a walk up the iconic O2 arena in London. Harnesses strap climbers in with a handrail for added stability. At the top of the building, the view of the city’s skyline is truly stunning, especially at night.

Classic Climbing Experiences

Put skills and strength to the test with a real rock climbing session. Learn the basics of how to tackle actual rocky surfaces in the Highlands, the perfect gift idea for an experienced mountaineer.

Take it to the next level by conquering a sheer face of ice. Equipped with crampons, the conditions are more challenging, with a shifting and slippery surface to overcome.

Go for an indoor event for something suited to beginners. With secure grips and a dry surface, it’s the perfect place to try out this exciting activity.

Ever wanted to get off the beaten track and find some adventure in the UK’s countryside? It’s time to go gorge walking. Explore large crags that jut out from the landscape and walk through stunning waterfalls in Brecon Beacon.

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