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The Municipal Spa

Discover the Municipal Spa, an oasis of tranquillity nestled in the heart of Liverpool.

This impressive architectural gem offers a luxurious retreat complete with a state-of-the-art spa. It is set to be loved by anyone looking for a luxury spa experience, whether it's a getaway with friends, a soulful escape, or a romantic trip.

Treatments at the Municipal Spa

Indulge in a world of pampering and relaxation at the Municipal Spa, where a variety of delightful options await. Elevate your experience by combining spa treatments with afternoon Tea for the perfect blend of indulgence and serenity, or rejuvenate your senses with a spa treatment followed by a delectable dinner, creating a truly memorable evening. For those who prefer to start the day right, spa treatments can be paired with a delicious brunch, setting the tone for a day of peacefulness and luxury. Unwind and pamper yourself at the Municipal Spa, where every treatment is designed to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Treat your loved one to a world of relaxation and indulgence now.