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Archery Lessons

Always dreamt of splitting an apple in two with a perfectly placed shot? Know someone who fancies themselves as a modern day Robin Hood? Archery lessons start off with the basics, coaching new bow-handlers into bullseye-only marksmen.

From entry-level sessions to thrilling but harmless battle archery, our specially selected sports experiences offer something for every skill level, found across the UK.Learn the fundamentals of how to use a bow and arrow with a starter lesson. A fully qualified instructor demonstrates the ins and outs of how to handle the equipment, the correct stance and the perfect grip. After a while, knocking an arrow, drawing the string and sending it cleanly into the target will become second nature.

Outdoor Archery Sessions

Take to the outdoors for a fully authentic experience or go for an indoor session to really sharpen those skills. Traditional wood equipment gives a taste of how this ancient weapon handles. But there are also sessions with updated compound models that offer better precision.

A New Type of Archery Experience

Get a taste for combat with a round of battle archery. It’s like paintball, but foam-tipped arrows are used instead of high-powered guns. It’s a less painful but equally as addictive adventure. Draw unlimited ammo in an attempt to wipe out the other team, all whilst attempting to carry out challenging missions. It’s a new craze that tests out sharpshooting skills.

Precision Bow Target Practice

How does a moving target sound? How about an airborne one? For those looking for a more challenging day out, a sky bow session launches clay pigeons in the air to put precision to the test.

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