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Big Cat Experiences

Lions, tigers and leopards, oh my! Our big cat encounters provide animal lovers with the unique chance to get up close and personal to some fantastic beasts (lions, tigers, cheetahs, leopards and more) whether it’s feeding time or a day as a ranger.

These experiences are the perfect chance to release the inner zoologist while learning fascinating facts about each magnificent animal from experts in the field. Has feeding the lions by hand been a lifelong dream? Or does tea with a tiger sound like the perfect day out? With a fierce selection of lion experiences, tiger experiences and more to choose from among our animal adventures, there will be something to satisfy the big cat enthusiast in all of us!

Big Cat Feeding Experience

Get up close and personal with one a fierce feline with a feeding experience at zoos and wildlife parks and safaris across the UK. Bold explorers will be given a thorough safety briefing from a professional, then it’s time to prepare the feast. Hand feed a lion their dinner or fling meat into a cheetah’s enclosure. It's a memorable adventure, whichever beast honorary zookeepers choose to feed. Guests even leave with a goody bag and a certificate to flaunt.

Big Cat Encounters

Take a walk on the wild side during a ferocious rendezvous with some of the world’s most majestic feline species. Know someone who’s always wanted to come face-to-face with fascinating animals from exotic continents across the globe? A big cat animal encounter with a lynx, lion, snow leopard and cheetah will give an insight into the conservation status as well as interesting information and fun facts on the species.

Become a Zookeeper for the Day

Give a zookeeper a hand with their duties by becoming a ranger or zookeeper for a day. Head down to the WHF Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent to meet some endangered felines whilst lending a hand at mealtime, cleaning the enclosures and general site upkeep. In the afternoon, refuel with a lunch buffet before finishing off the day’s work.