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Driving Experiences at Rockingham

Built originally in 2001 as a flagship for American-inspired Indy racing, Rockingham Motor Speedway is one of the UK’s newest, fastest racetracks to date.

Offering several challenging layouts like the twisty in-field and banked 1.48-mile oval circuit with a track speed record of 215mph, petrolheads can fulfil their driving dreams and feel like an F1 driver in a car from our incredible garage collection. From supercar driving and junior driving to high-speed drifting, there’s a gift experience waiting to be discovered to make memories of a lifetime with us at Rockingham Motor Speedway.

Rockingham Driving Experience

Rockingham is Europe’s fastest banked oval racing circuit. So, what better way to utilise an incredible track than with a selection of fast, purpose-built supercars? Unleash a cacophony of incredible exhaust notes in sleek supercars like a stylish Aston Martin, flamboyant Ferrari or wild Lamborghini. If the attraction to going sideways in a dramatic ploom of smoke sat on the limiter is more appealing, our amazing import collection of drift icons is a sure treat for would-be drifters.

Junior Driving Experiences Rockingham

If there’s a teenager or little one looking to get behind the wheel and learn to drive in a safe, controlled environment, our comprehensive collection of kids driving experiences covers all bases. Prepare them for the open road with an educational driving lesson, cast them on their way to an off-road adventure of a lifetime, or perhaps fulfil childhood dreams with a junior supercar experience – all under the helpful guidance of an expert instructor.

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