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Earth Day

Earth Day

Experience gifts are not only the perfect way to make long lasting memories, on a whole they are also much better for our environment too.

With so many gifts being given and received each year, and with many of those being unwanted, they are left to be forgotten about and are eventually thrown away. This waste then often ends up in landfill, contributing to the negative effects of global warming.

As a carbon neutral company, for us, the very heart of being a responsible business is taking responsibility for our impact on the planet. We worked with an independent sustainability consultancy to thoroughly measure our carbon footprint, using the internationally approved Greenhouse Gas Protocol and including all of our emissions to ensure our full impact has been truly accounted for.

Earth Day

CO2 Emissions

Physical Gifts VS Experience Gifts

We conducted a thorough footprint of all of our experiences and scoured online research to bring you this analysis of the carbon emissions from each of these gifts starting with the most intensive right down to the least.

Earth Day Earth Day
Gold Necklace
Leather Tote
Red Roses
Gold Studs
Synthetic Handbag
Hot Air Balloon
Dining Out
Polyester T-Shirt
Indoor Skydive
6 Mile Driving Experience

What does it mean?

Using our own emissions data and data from reputable sources, we have created a CO2 emissions chart that determines which gifts are better or worse for the environment based on the amount of CO2 they emit. Did you know buying a Tablet produces 113.0KG of CO2, a Gold Necklace produces 109.0KG of CO2, a Leather Tote 100.5KG and a Smartphone 86.0KG of C02? Whereas buying an experience gift like a Spa Day emits 26.3KG of CO2, a Hot Air Balloon Ride 12.2KG of CO2 and a Segway Tour just 0.2KG of CO2? This highlights that an experience gift is not only better for the environment, but also doesn’t contribute to the vast amount waste going to landfill. And not only that, but Red Letter Days also offsets all the emissions produced by our experiences.

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