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Scuba Diving

Suit up and dive in. Scuba diving experiences are the perfect introduction to underwater pursuits, dipping in a swimming pool under the instruction of a certified diver. These adventure experiences are ideal for new divers and those looking to start a PADI course.

Celebrate a special occasion from the depths with one of our water sports experiences. Make her Christmas one to remember, or commemorate his birthday with a session submerged in water.

What to Expect on a Scuba Diving Experience?

Get down to the nearest diving centre. They're dotted all over the UK, so there's no shortage of places to practise. Listen to the safety briefing from the PADI qualified instructor, don the gear and jump in! All equipment is provided, so all amateur explorers need to bring are swimwear, a t-shirt and a towel. Once inside the necessary gear, swimmers can breathe freely underwater. A truly surreal feeling. The basics of movement, breathing and hand signals are taught. Once fully briefed and trained up to standard, enjoy a free swim and feel the calming weightlessness of being underwater. Take on a challenge and tackle deeper depths to gain greater confidence underwater. Skills and training will come flooding back when out in the open waters. Some experiences even count towards a PADI Open Water Diver Certification. This contributes some much-needed time in the water towards becoming fully qualified. Choose an experience for two to treat a happy couple to something new. They'll learn in unison, putting their new underwater skills to the test at the same time. It's a unique way to celebrate someone's anniversary!