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Shrek's Adventure

Hang out with the friendliest ogre around. Experience thrills and excitement at Shrek’s Adventure, inspired by the ever popular DreamWorks animation. Embark on a journey through a fantasy world, ideal for little ones and lovers of films! Beloved characters and detailed environments intertwine for a day that kids and adults will never forget. Have the children always wanted to visit this famous swamp? Well here’s their chance. This magical attraction is an amazing way to treat the kids, whether it’s as a unique birthday gift or as a surprise this Christmas. What Is Shrek’s Adventure? It’s a day filled with fun from start to finish. Head down to Westminster to enjoy this one-of-a-kind London attraction. Meet up with Princess Fiona before climbing aboard a flying bus. The loveable Donkey drives the bus and leads the 4D experience, so hold on tight as the journey begins! First thing’s first – let’s meet Shrek. After entering his beloved swamp and realising nobody’s home, it’s up to the young adventurers to find him. Speak with other mystical characters, such as Cinderella, who’ll help to find special ingredients for an enchanting potion. Enter Rumpelstiltskin’s wagon and talk to the Fortune Teller. Her crystal ball shows Shrek’s fate so it’s time to make a move. Head down to the Poison Apple Pub for some help from Cinderella’s ugly sister, Doris. Keep an eye out for that mischievous Puss in Boots too – as he may have something to aid the journey. They’ve captured Pinocchio and he’s part of the Wheel of Torture gameshow. Help to rescue him before continuing the trail. Navigate the challenging Mirror Maze of Insanity to find Sleeping Beauty having a quick nap. Brew a magic potion with the Muffin Man, using the ingredients collected along the way, to locate the lost green hero. Rumpelstiltskin is the final challenge. He traps explorers in a cell, but not for long. Everyone’s favourite ogre is here to save the day!