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Mallory Park Track Days

Rich motorsport history and a challenging circuit. Mallory Park track days give aspiring racing drivers the chance to speed around a circuit in powerful cars. Sprint through the track in a quintessentially British Aston Martin or set a personal record in an Audi R8.

Make a special occasion truly memorable with a day spent burning rubber on a formidable and challenging course! These driving experiences at the Mallory Park Circuit make for a fun day out for thrill-seeking couples and are great gifts for a petrolhead’s 21st30th or 60th birthday.

Experience the Thrilling Mallory Park Circuit

Located in Leicestershire, the Mallory Park track surrounds a beautiful lake and is set amongst the stunning countryside. A mixture of hairpin bends, sweeping straights and sharp turns make this the perfect place to test driving skills, from seasoned motorists to new drivers.

Supercar Driving at Mallory Park

There are plenty of supercar sessions to whet the appetite for driving on the Mallory Park Circuit. Always wanted to know what it's like in the driver's seat of a Lamborghini? Or know a massive fan of Aston Martin? There's something for lovers of all makes. Head down to the race track and start with a safety briefing and basic training. Learn about racing lines as well as other professional techniques to make lap times as short as possible. Turn the keys, disengage the handbrake and floor the accelerator. Being pressed to the back of the seat is like nothing else. After trying out the track, let the instructor take the wheel for a speedy blast and get a taste for how professionals drive. Blood-pumping, adrenaline-inducing fun is always guaranteed with a Mallory Park driving experience.

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