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Driving Experiences at Elvington

Elvington Circuit in Yorkshire is one of the biggest tracks in the UK and the perfect setting for beginners and experts alike to hone their driving skills in a safe, controlled environment.

Formerly a World War II bomber station, Elvington Circuit features long, wide straights and generous run-off zones suited towards high-speed, spirited driving. Whether it’s a birthday celebration or a spontaneous treat for a motorhead with a passion for speed, our sensational collection of driving experiences covers all bases – from sleek supercars to famous movie cars straight out of Hollywood.

Supercar Driving Experience Yorkshire

Browse our inventory of the very best supercar marques from around the world. From Italian flamboyance in a wild Lamborghini and Ferrari to sleek sophistication in a British Aston Martin, get behind the wheel to unlock driving dreams and channel an inner racing god.Receive expert tuition from a professional before switching over for an exhilarating drive in the supercar of choice. Glide gracefully around each bend and focus on timing the perfect gear selection, braking distance and acceleration out of the corners as the car is pushed spectacularly around the track!

Silver Screen Cars

Looking to treat a TV and film buff with a passion for cars? Gift them a day driving iconic vehicles from their favourite shows and movies for a chance to feel like a star. Jump back in time and climb into KITT from Knight Rider for a nostalgic trip back to the 1980s. Step into the superhero shoes of Tony Stark with a drive in an Audi R8 from Iron Man. Or, perhaps delve into the magical world of Cars with a drive in Lightning McQueen.

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