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Driving Experiences at Snetterton

Snetterton was originally an RAF airfield, known as RAF Snetterton Heath. After closing in 1948, the first motorcycle meeting took place in 1953. Offering a superb mix of challenging corners and exhilarating straights, Snetterton provides thrilling driving experiences that involve one to five supercars on a top UK racetrack. The Snetterton 300 circuit is home to rounds of the British Touring Car Championship and British GT Championship, alongside countless club races! Where better to immerse in a spot of high-speed fun? 

Want to make an occasion truly special? Gifting an incredible Snetterton driving experience for her Christmas present or as a 50th birthday celebration is bound to leave lasting memories for both petrolheads and daredevils alike.

Supercar Sessions at Snetterton

Travel to this top Norfolk course and drive a sensational supercar. These sessions will give any aspiring racer the chance to drive an impressive high-performance model, minus the costly price tag! Boasting sleek and sporty aesthetics, there are plenty of flashy models to choose from, so fans of every brand are sure to have a smile on their face.There's a dazzling collection of supercars ready to come alive. From the classic Lamborghini Gallardo to the sporty Aston Martin DB9, fall in love with each and every supercar sensation. For those crazy about cars and who aren't ones to shy away from adventure, these top-class experiences are sure to get the heart pumping.Take control of the wheel and whizz around the track in beautifully designed supercars and be prepared for the adrenaline rush. Move into the passenger seat as the instructor takes command, blitzing through the course with lightning speeds.

The Challenging Track

The circuit intertwines complex bends and turns with long stretches of straight tarmac, satisfying those looking to reach speeds above 100mph. With challenges at every point, this amazing track gifts the driver with a unique experience, fitting for all levels and abilities.